SAVORR SOCIAL is a series of events showcasing new and interesting work, and a regular space for people to meet. The events are running on the first Thursday of each month, to stay updated with future events sign up to the mailing list here.  


SAVORR SOCAL 06 - May 2018

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Originalprojects; formed in 2002, original projects; has organised numerous projects - including publications, exhibitions and events 

The event will explore the idea of membership and what people might want out of membership: 
An exploration into the nature of a club. 
What does it mean to be part of a gang? 
What do you want in return for being a member? 
When does a society become society? 
How can a club become a critical mass? 
Expect fun, engagement, and the surreal!



SAVORR SOCAL 05 - April 2018

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Selected through open call, ANTIsocial Social is presented by four NUA students: Maddie Exton, Bethany Freer, Emma Hampson & Colleen O’Brien.


ANTIsocial Social

You are invited to do nothing in an evening of Netflix binges and news feed scrolls. An anti-social evening for social people and a social evening for anti-social people! 

BYOP (Bring Your Own Pillow)




SAVORR SOCAL 04 - March 2018

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Join us for our fourth event 'The Temporary Research Centre for Stories, Myths, Tales and Fables' on Thursday 1st March at Jurnet's Bar, King Street, NR1 1QW.

Nicky Deeley & Mark Scott-Wood
The Temporary Research Centre for Stories, Myths, Tales and Fables is a creative workshop exploring the nature and themes of storytelling through drawing, making and informal discussion.

Free entry
All welcome


SAVORR SOCAL 03 - February 2018

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Join us for our third event on Thursday 1st February from 7pm upstairs at Saint Andrews Brew House.

We’ve invited the Norfolk & Norwich Sonic Arts Collective (NNSAC) to host a free participatory event. They’ll be showing a short film they’ve produced about improvising, before providing the room with instruments, objects and instructions to create a soundtrack to the Maya Deren short film 'The Very Eye Of The Night’. 
Whether you can play an instrument or not, like or dislike music, there'll be a noisemaker for you.

Functions of listening 20:00-20:30
SAVORR SOCIAL 19:00-23:00
Free entry
All welcome

The Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective (NNSAC) is a not-for-profit organisation made up of four Norfolk-based artists, musicians and improvisers; Chris Dowding, Morris Masuda, Oliver Payne and Ranieri Spina. Focused on celebrating, promoting and producing improvised and spontaneous music the Collective aim to bring new music to the region and to provide opportunities for the local community to participate in sonic art activity, from education to performance.


SAVORR SOCAL 02 - December 2017

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We invited 8 inventive hosts to create quiz rounds, resulting in everything from music, film and performance to mystery, nature and ordinary life. 

In no particular order our host details are below:

Host name: Matt Wright
Quiz Round: Celebrity Vomit
Description: Close-up, Shake and Slow

Host name: Jay Popop
Description: Get your crossword brains in gear go find the answers

Host name: Liz Ballard
Quiz Round: Higher or Lower
Description: Picture Quiz

Host name: Georgie Manly
Quiz Round: Ordinary Life
Description: A selection of questions I have asked, have been asked, or have overheard from Friday 1st December - Sunday 3rd December

Host: No Santa Claus 28
Title: Festivity of Illusion
Description: So, you think you can Christmas? 

Host: Henry Jackson Newcomb
Title: Minimix Music Round
Description: Song titles (all styles and genres) 

Host: MarriotsWay
Title: Mystery Nature
Description: The mystery of rural Norfolk contained in just five boxes... animal, mineral or spirit... you choose.

Host: Benedict Hemmens
Round Title: Charades (maybe)
Description: Gender: Male, Birthday: 10 January


SAVORR SOCAL 01 - November 2017

Savorr Social Otro Mundo A4 (1).png

Otro Mundo

Film by Anna Brass

Music by Umi Nowaz

9 minute HD video, looped

Commissioned by Senate House Library for their Reformation season. 

The Reformation was a rupture, shattering the old world and forging a new one. Otro Mundo explores this tectonic shift through images.

Before the Reformation, England was full of churches that were full of images: wall paintings, shrines, sacred sculptures, stained glass, roof bosses, rood screens, effigies, monumental brasses, alabaster altarpieces, reliefs, embroidered vestments and altar cloths; some of this survives, most of it is gone. For 16th century people these religious images held real, tangible power and to see them destroyed in bouts of iconoclastic violence was a brutal, psychic shock. But to modern eyes pre-Reformation imagery is strange and unfamiliar, and for us to attempt an understanding they have to undergo a kind of translation. The film pivots on this feeling of dislocation.

Otro Mundo shows a world of images that feel alive but remain distant; they’re elusive and unfathomable, like a lost language. They belong to the rich visual culture of medieval England from which we are estranged; we are only able to recognize slivers and bits from Bible stories.

Shards of stained glass and fragments of illuminated manuscript are interwoven with scenes of image making: astrological signs are painted onto a man’s body, pilgrims brandish oversize pilgrim badges, and God creates the universe on a pageant wagon. Motifs ricochet, and religious iconography becomes confused and entangled. The images are accompanied by music that’s been shredded - Umi Nowaz’s score has been cut up and set to shuffle: each time the video loops a new soundtrack is generated.