Since founding in 2011, SAVORR has worked with over 100 artists from the UK and internationally across 12 exhibitions that have transformed disused buildings to cultivate contemporary art in the city.

Each SAVORR project presents featured artists alongside artists selected through an open call. Previous featured artists include: Dave Charlesworth & Ben Judd, Lucy Conochie, Flora Parrot, Patrick Coyle and David Raymond Conroy.

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Since 2011 SAVORR has been organised by a changing committee, this has included:
Henry Jackson Newcomb, Simon Welfare, Benedict Hemmens, John Walters, Sophia Victoria, Rachel Kurdynowska, James Hassall, Henry Driver, Nell Croose Myhill, Tom Little, Reuben Martindale, Kyle Gregg, Cameron Black, Kirstin Bicker, Claire Amy Allerton, Michael James Lewis, Jamie Freeman and Matthew Bennington.

Savorr Norwich