DOMINO 01 Supporting Events 

Saturday 10th March

SAVORR presents DOMINO Publication Launch + Closing Event

The launch of the DOMINO publication, containing documentation and supporting material from the last four weeks of activity at The Shoe Factory, with an exhibition introduction from art critic Jonathan P. Watts. This was also the closing event for the four-week programme, with refreshments, projections, table tennis and music from SAVORR + friends.


Saturday 4th March

DOMINO Open Film: Selected by Brian J Morrison & Emily Warner

Helen Anna Flangan, The Dynamists (2016)

Michael Hanna, Predictable Contact (2017)

Michelle Hannah, CU (2016)

Miguel Martin, Full Body (2016)

Jammie Nicholas, ...almost impossible to describe: and it was only by analogy that they called it colour at all. (2016)

Duncan Poulton, Pygmalion (2016)

Lisa Selby, Fast Pace / Low Performance (2016)

Lexi Strauss, Beryl (2014)

Matthew Verndon, Hugelkultur (2013) 


Saturday 4th March

'A Balancing Act' a drop in workshop with artist Liz Ballard

The local community joined artist Liz Ballard to experiment with using different shapes and weights, relating to body parts and sizes to create hanging sculptures that formed a giant mobile. 


Friday 3rd March

DOMINO + NNSAC: An evening of improvised music works

+ LUKE SANGER (live)

+ WORMS (live) 

Live recording:

Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Art Collective

(Photos by Liam Tobin) 


Saturday 25th February


'Graphic notation is the representation of music through the use of visual symbols outside the realm of traditional music notation.'

The workshop was open to all abilities. The work created will also be used during a live evening music event on Friday 3rd March at The Shoe Factory, with a variety of musicians responding to the scores.


Friday 24 February

Birmingham Arts Talk: Brian J Morrison, Emily Warner + Kim McAleese

The two featured artists Brian J Morrison and Emily Warner returned to talk about their individual practices and their collaborative work for the exhibition. They were joined by Kim McAleese, Programme Director at Grand Union, who discussed the work they do, as well as looking at the wider arts scene in Birmingham.

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