NUA Project Space


9th - 11th March

Sarah Lancaster

Lancaster is interested in the heightened artifice and perceived inaccessibility of the screen as interface. Through sensory installations comprised of screen based animations and sculptural elements she explores the digital ‘non-space’ as something with which to spatially engage. In this work animated iterations of bodily actions explore the collapse of materiality and the suspension of sensation. Through a saccharine filter, disembodied muscular actions interact with substances of excess. The physical accoutrements of the presented digital hardware are exaggerated to challenge assumptions of the ‘digital’ as immaterial.


2nd - 4th March

Chloe Gatrell

Gatrell manipulates industrial materials and processes to create movements experienced in and around architecture. The work is activated when the public becomes aware of their navigations and surroundings within the space, providing a self awareness of movement and a familiar relationship within a different context.



23rd - 25th February

Elena Sementino

Linea di Tensione (Tension Line)
Performing times: 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Semontino’s work explores a performative relationship between language and objects. In Linea di Tensione a 20kg stone was brought back from Italy (white limestone is typical for the mountains of her region), and suspended by a cable. The piece is counterweighted by Semontino during each performance, creating a tension between the two elements of the work.