SAVORR presents DOMINO, a four-week public arts programme based at The Shoe Factory. DOMINO will bring together artists, galleries and curators from different regions, with the aim of strengthening, promoting and cultivating the Norwich arts scene, while expanding links with other UK cities outside of London. 

DOMINO is proposed as the first of a sequence of SAVORR led programmes that will launch a self-supporting network with other regional art scenes. Here, two artists from Birmingham, Brian J Morrison and Emily Warner, have been invited to create new work for the first floor of The Shoe Factory. Working in dialogue with contemporary art critic Jonathan P. Watts, the progression of the invited artists’ ideas will be documented and such material will be on display for visitor insight and discussion.

Documentation of these activities will be also be archived in a printed publication, supported by the East Anglia Art Fund, and launched at the DOMINO closing event. With DOMINO as the first in the series, SAVORR hopes to go on to approach artists in other cities in a similar manner, creating a working grid between Norwich and the rest of the UK.

DOMINO will be open from Thursday-Saturday 12am-6pm from 18th February-12th March, with weekly talks, performances and screenings each Friday evening. The full schedule will be announced at the beginning of February.


Brian J Morrison

I create works, often using performative actions, that consider the physicality of the body in relation to the production and consumption of art. I am specifically interested in the physical transformation of the body and use the nouns, concealment, tension and transition, as a method of navigating materials and processes.

I aim to present these materials in a manner, which disrupts our immediate relationship to them but also considers how art objects might be capable of offering alternative relationships to the gendered body.


Emily Warner

Emily Warner is an artist and researcher working in a multi-disciplinary way to explore art as an on-going process, something that temporarily exists as a live experience, an action-based encounter or a conversational situation. Activating relationships with people and place, she is interested in the construction of relationships in both physical and digital contexts. Her work manifests as manipulated media footage and residual fragments from live performance. She is one half of artist-duo Hickey+Warner who commission public art-making via Make/Shift/Space – a roving artist structure.

Currently developing new work for FIERCE FWD; development programme associated with FIERCE– international cross art form performance festival.


Jonathan P. Watts

Jonathan P. Watts is an art critic and editor based in London. Jonathan is a regular contributor to frieze magazine, and writes for Artforum and Art Monthly. With seven friends he is contributor-editor of a magazine of new art writing called A-or-ist.