DOMINO brought together artists, arts professionals, and a diverse public audience for a four-week arts programme based at a former shoe factory in Norwich in Spring 2017 with the aim of strengthening, promoting and cultivating the local arts scene, while expanding links with other UK cities outside of London.

Through a sequence of programmes of this nature SAVORR’s intention is to launch a self-supporting network with other regional art scenes. The idea being that the programme is a catalyst to bring these networks together, visiting artists and commissioned artworks invite response from local artists and audiences, and that all these ideas filter down into new dialogues, collaborations, and propositions for collective change - a domino effect encouraging artistic exchange between cities. 

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Birmingham based artists Brian J Morrison and Emily Warner, were invited to take over the vast upstairs floor of the space. Working in dialogue with contemporary art critic Jonathan P. Watts, the progression of ideas for the exhibition, which was titled ‘Resist, Resist, Release’, have been documented and made visible as part of the exhibition making process.

Working with students at Norwich University of the Arts a changing project space downstairs extended, questioned, and played with elements from the visiting artists’ exhibition.

An active voice and engagement from the local community was important in transferring ideas between artists and the city. A series of events including a music night, a film screening, creative workshops, and a talk with guests from the Birmingham art scene illuminated possibilities for future collaborations and routes to act on shared concerns between art scenes in the East and West. 


To see the full archive of documentation from the project, visit our archive page here.